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Amelia Baxter
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AFC Cattails stella artois mh

Bad Habit Gundogs. Breeding and training Field Bred English Springer Spaniels, Cockers, Labradors and flushing breeds from Started to Finished and Field Trialing.

Stella is our hard charging, gritty, powerful bird finder with absolutely no fear of cover. She flat out hunts, and more often than not comes back with a rabbit or bird out on a walk. She is phenomenal at trailing, has a great nose and is a excellent marker. 

This bitch is quiet, stabile and we use her in the duck blind with every opportunity. She has a great on/off switch and is a fabulous field trial dog. Stella only needs 10 points for her FC.

Stella is 42 lbs and clear of all genetic diseases through Embark.

OFA Hips- Good

Elbows- Normal

Eyes- Normal