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Bad Habit Gundogs. Breeding and training Field Bred English Springer Spaniels, Cockers, Labradors and flushing breeds from Started to Finished and Field Trialing.

Amelia Baxter
Phone: (210) 668-0668

601 Clear Creek Loop, Saint Jo, Texas 76265

  • AFC Prairierose's SuperFly MH Houston ESSC- Third Place
  • 11-21-20  NOC -Certificate of Merit  Hill Country's Hot Feet
  • 09-19-20  NDSSC -Open 1st & Guns  ***New FC*** AFC Cattails Lovesick Blues
  • 09-13-20  NMESSC -Open 1st  AFC Cattails Lovesick Blues
  • 03-15-20  SSCCK #1 -Amateur 4th  SSCCK #2 -Amateur 1st  ***New AFC*** Cattails Lovesick Blues
  • 03-19-20  RMSSA -Open 1st  AFC Cattails Stella Artois MH  NCSSC -Guns  Cattails Lovesick Blues
  • 02-12-20  VESSC -Amateur 2nd  Cattails Lovesick Blues
  • 01-26-20  Houston ESSC -Amateur 2nd  Cattails Lovesick Blues  *For David Lamascus
  • 01-09-20  OSSC Open and Amateur FT #1  2nd place winners  AFC PrairieRose’s SuperFly MH  Cattails Lovesick Blues (first all-age trial)
  • 12-6-19  NAC -Completed  AFC PrairieRose's SuperFly MH
  • 10-27-19  MESSC -Amateur 1st  ***New AFC*** Cattails Stella Artois MH
  • 09-29-19  Pawnee FSC #1 Puppy  3rd -Cattails Lovesick Blues  Pawnee FSC #2 Amateur  2nd -AFC PrairieRose’s SuperFly MH  3rd/ Gun’s Award - Cattails Stella Artois MH
  • 09-29-19  Pawnee FSC #1 -Amateur 2nd  Cattails Stella Artois MH
  • 09-22-19  NDSSC -Amateur 2nd  Cattails Stella Artois MH
  • 09-15-19  NMESSC - Amateur 1st  AFC PrairieRose's SuperFly MH
  • 03-15-19  SSCK -Open 1st  AFC PrairieRose's SuperFly MH
  • 02-24-19  Oklahoma ESSC -Amateur 3rd  Missouri Spaniel Club -Amateur 1st  ***New AFC*** PrairieRose's SuperFly MH
  • 02-18-19  Houston ESSC  PrairieRose's SuperFly MH  Cattails Stella Artois MH
  • Houston Spaniel Club -Amateur 1st  SE Texas ESSC -Amateur 2nd  01-27-19  PrairieRose's SuperFly
  • 01-20-18  NTSSC -Puppy 1st  PrairieRose's SuperFly