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Bad Habit Gundogs. Breeding and training Field Bred English Springer Spaniels, Cockers, Labradors and flushing breeds from Started to Finished and Field Trialing.

FC AFC CAttails Lovesick Blues

Hank is a phenomenal athlete, his bird drive exceptional and retrieve drive is through the roof, this dog flies through the field with confidence. 

He is a very biddable dog and wants to hunt with you. Hank is an incredible marker, our strongest retriever and takes direction with ease. He is a big lover and always wants to please. 

In 2020, Hank completed his AFC before the age of two, in turn the following fall season, won two Open trials back to back, completing his FC. Hank then went on to win the Rocky Mountain Amateur High Point and the Dan Langhan's Award for weighted points in both the Open and the Amateur.

In 2021, along with a couple placements and another Open win, Hank was awarded Third and received the Gun's Award in the National Open Championship.